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Erapoly Global Sdn Bhd specialised in market research, developing and continuous improving of its palm oil and palm fat products. These products are suitable for household, commercial F&B and industry. Presently exporting to 80 destinations across Africa, Caribbean, Far East, Central Asia, Middle East, Russia, South Asia, South East Asia and South America.

What Erapoly Global Do

Erapoly Global Sdn Bhd is the leading manufacturer and exporter of the palm related products such as RBD Palm Olein, Red Palm Oil, Shortening, Margarine, Ghee, RBD Stearin Fraction, Cocoa Butter Substitute, Soap series, Soap Noodle, Sweetened Condensed Milk, Evaporated Filled Milk and etc..



ERAPOLY GLOBAL SDN BHD are here to render our best service to all our esteem customer. Customer satisfaction always our main focus. We are committed for quality consistency, competitive price, new product development, prompt delivery and service after sale.  It also our aim that our customers always profitable and strong in their respective market.

Erapoly Global News

May 6th-8th 2015
SIAL China 2015
Shanghai , China