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3 in 1 Coffee

Description : This product resembles roast & ground coffee in appearance and uses the best of the coffee beans, carefully chosen for this purpose. This product is a brown granulated Instant Coffee produced from a blend of Arabica & Robusta coffee beans. It is uses the traditional method of agglomerating that maintains the rich freshness of coffee. The essential feature of this process is that in plane of falling powder stream, a jet of steam is allowed to mix with powder to make it immediately wet. This step causes coffee particles to come in contact one another providing the opportunity for collision. Thus, the falling powder is agglomerated into what is commonly known as granulated coffee – or in coffee lovers’ lingo – a stimulating cuppa coffee.

Ingredients : Custer sugar, non-dairy creamer (malt syrup, vegetable oil, sodium caseinate, monostearin, silica), instant coffee powder.

Brewing method : Put a bag of Windsorwell Coffee in a cup and add about 150ml hot water. Slightly stir and ready to drink.