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Cocoa Butter Substitute

Description: This fat is made of refined bleached deodorized hydrogenated palm kernel olein. This makes it healthier than traditional cocoa butter, and the right type of substitute can offer the same taste and texture to chocolate as the real thing. Palm kernel olein are frequently used as CBSs in sweet treats. They are easier to handle when used in chocolate treats and have a high melting point.

Application : It is widely used in making of confectionery, bakery, fillings, wafer coatings, compound chocolates, toffee, non-dairy creamer, ice cream and etc

Packing Size: 20kg Carton Box with Polyethylene Bag


Specification :
No. Parameter Specification
1 Free Fatty Acid (%) 0.1 max
2 Moisture and Impurities (%) 0.1 max
3 Iodine Value 3.0 max
4 Slip Melting Point 40 – 42′C,
5 Colour (Lovibond, 5 1/4″) 1.0R max

Slip melting point also available in 33.5 – 35.5′C and etc

*Specification will be review from time to time to meet customer requirements.