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RBD Coconut Oil

Description : Our premium Eraking Pure White Coconut Oil is suit for the cooking and frying application due to Coconut Oil can withstand high temperature compare to other soft oil and it will keep the natural taste of the foods. Besides this, our RBD Coconut oil also a good emollient for the human skin, hair and scalp.

Application :
– Suitable for cooking, frying and use for spraying on biscuits and glazes
– Act as the raw materials for margarine fats, shortening fats and ice cream fats
– Act as the raw materials for soap, shampoo, cosmetic and health care products and etc

Packing Size :
1) Tin Can – 400ml, 680ml, 1L x 12 Tins or 24 Tins / carton
2) 20L Bag In Box
3) 190kg Steel Drum

Specification :
No. Parameter Method Specification
1 F.F.A ACS Ca 5a-40 0.1% max
2 Moisture & Volatile AOCS Ca 2c-25 0.1% max
3 Slip Melting Point AOCS Cc 3-25 29 – 34 Deg C
4 Color Lovibond 5 1/4″ 1.0R max

*Specification will be review from time to time to meet customer requirements.