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Edible Hard Stearin

Description : It is a pure white, free flowing fat powder and made from contain 100% non-hydrogenated fat.  It is produced in a specific drying process and offers numerous benefits.

Application : Due to its excellent emulsifying and good in flowing properties, so it can enhance the creamer texture of filling cream, bakery cream, ice cream and other desserts as well as soups and sauces it also designed to enrich the nutritionally balanced foods.

Packing Size :
1) 20kg carton box
2) 25kg in Paper Bag

Specification :
Parameter Specification
Fatty Acid ≤ 1%
Total Fat Content ≥ 99%
FFA (as palmitic acid) 0.3% max
Moisture & Impurities 0.3% max
Slip Melting Point 58~60 Deg C
IV (Wijs) 17 max
Colour (5.25″ Lovibond Cell) 3R 30Y Max
Non Soluble Impurity <0.005%
Moisture & Volatile 0.3 max
Texture 300-500 microns prills/beads
Description Off white in colour and bland taste

*Specification will be review from time to time to meet customer requirements.