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Vegetable Margarine

Description: Margarine is specially texturized to impart smooth texture and ease of use at the ambient temperature. It is specially formulated to ensure good plasticity and tendering effect in dough products. Special design for bakery industries. Ideal for automatic and semi-automatic production of bread, biscuits, cookies, croissants, puff pastries, wafers and all other bakery products.

Application : Ideal for bread spread, also suitable for baking, cooking, cakes and pan frying. An ideal for to create desired creamy flavoured crispy crust and it is also perfect as additive to give a wonderfully delicate and moist effect in cake. Suit for industrial and home usage.

Packing Size:
1) Sachets – 200g/250g
2) Plastic pail – 10kg
3) Carton box – 15kg, 20kg

Specification :
No. Parameter Method Specification
1 F.F.A. (As Palmitat) AOCS (Ca 5a-40) 0.1max
2 Colour (Red) Loviband 5 1/4″ 5-7
3 PV (meq/kg) AOCS (Cd 8-53) 2.0max
4 Iodine Value (Wijs) AOCS (Cd 1-25) 43-47
5 Moisture (%) AOCS (Ca 2b-38, Modified) 16max
6 Salt Content (%) Silver Nitrade Method 2.1max
7 Slip Melting Point AOCS (Cc 3-25, Modified) 39-43, 43-45

Beside that, we can tailor made without any salty content.

*Specification will be review from time to time to meet customer requirements.